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:Edgar Allan Poe:

Influence on World Literature

Influence of American Literature

            Poe’s works have had a broad influence on American, World Literature and even on the arts. In addition, Poe’s reputation was greater overseas than in America, possibly as a result of America’s overall distaste towards the morbid. Finally, American authors as diverse as Walt Whitman, H.P. Lovecraft, William Faulkner, and Herman Melville were influence by Poe’s works.


Influence on World Literature

            In France, Charles Baudelaire, who translated almost all of Poe’s stories and several of the poems into French, used macabre imagery, morbid themes, musical verse and aesthetic pleasure in his poetry. From France, Poe’s works traveled to Britain, where writers like Algeron Swinburne began to read and use Poe. Finally, Swinburne’s musical verse owes much to Poe’s methods.

            Last but not least, on the stage, the great playwright George Bernard Shaw was significantly influenced by Poe’s literary criticism.


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