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:Edgar Allan Poe:

Author's Influenced by Poe

            There have been many authors and poets influenced by Edgar Allan Poe. For instance, for detective fiction it has to be Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” tales. These tales are of two detectives who try to solve a mystery in Victorian London. Finally, the tales possess detective fiction and science of detection.

In addition, for gruesome and dark poetry it has to be Charles Baudelaire. It seems that he is obsessed with death, wickedness, indulgence, and the underlying themes of his poems point to an ideal of sublimity. Finally, a longing for perfection can be detected in his works which is the source of his cynicism.

Thus, Edgar Allan Poe deserves the title of “Father of Gothicism". He also deserves recognition for his recurring theme if death and his recurring literary devices which he made known.

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